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Our Team

Who We Are

We are a powerful team made up of seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced investors who are experts at finding great ideas in which to invest. Our efforts are focused on selecting talent teams and companies with huge potential.

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German Sanchez

Co-Founder & Chief investment officer

German Sanchez is a co-founder of Blue Sapphire Capital and has spent over two decade as entrepreneur and experienced principal investor, specializing in cross-border opportunities.
German has transacted across 3 continents in 4+ countries within many industries  including Hospitality, Real Estate Commercial & Residential, Construction, Banking, Cryptocurrency and many more.
German as a former banker has collaborated with professional investors, entrepreneurs and government representatives to evaluate and invest in unique opportunities spanning the Natural Resource, Manufacturing, Public health departments , Technology and Consumer industries. 
Mr. Sanchez was born in Dominican Republic, and move to Spain at 14 years old, always hungry for challenges and successes, he formed his first company at 19 years old in Cordoba, Spain at age 28 after 3 successful business exit, moved to the USA, where he made a career in the financial industry and after participating in private investment funds and several M&A, Co-founded 
Blue Sapphire Capital.


Eric Rodríguez, born in Puerto Rico in 1994, is a prominent entrepreneur and co-founder of Blue Sapphire Capital, an investment company with a focus on cross-border transactions. With extensive experience in the capital markets industry, Eric has demonstrated his value by identifying, structuring, and executing investment opportunities across the capital structure.

In 2016, Eric moved to the United States after having founded and successfully led several companies in Puerto Rico, establishing himself as a visionary entrepreneur in the region. His native Spanish has allowed him to establish a significant connection with Spanish-speaking markets and entrepreneurs.

His innovative approach and strategic skills have been an invaluable asset to Blue Sapphire Capital, enabling the company to consider and explore business opportunities that might have otherwise been overlooked. Eric is recognized for his insight and vision in the field of investments, which has contributed to the ongoing success of the company in the financial market.

With an impressive track record, Eric Rodríguez continues to be a reference in the world of investments and is widely respected for his expertise and achievements in the industry.

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Heather Sanchez

Executive Strategy Coach

Heather Sanchez is the Executive Strategy Coach of Blue Sapphire Capital. As a licensed coach, Heather works to develop leadership capabilities as well as strategic business plans both internally and externally for clients. Her drive to help individuals and businesses succeed rests in her desire to see families and communities thrive!


Heather has over eleven years of professional experience at a Fortune 500 retailer having served in progressive roles. Her strategic planning has successfully turned around multiple businesses combining in annual sales of over $200 million. Heather's curiosity led her to understand and manage competing motivations between cross functional and external partners to accomplish multi million dollar negotiations. 


Heather graduated with distinction from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI in 2009 with degrees in International Business, Marketing, and Spanish. 


A Wisconsin native with over 17 years living in Milwaukee, Heather is passionate about faith, history, and uniting communities. She believes neighborhoods have personality, and local businesses are what make them unique. When not coaching, she is a mother of three and leader within multiple local ministries.


- Research - Invest - Growth - Monetize - Repeat -

Making conscious decisions to accomplish responsible investing to ensure a positive impact, Environmental, Social and Governance applied towards greater value of the Company.

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