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Igniting Imagination, Unleashing Magic, Inspiring Legends!

German Sanchez embodies the essence of visionary brilliance. As a powerful and seasoned entrepreneur, he has conquered countless frontiers with his unyielding spirit and exceptional foresight. With an unwavering passion for innovation, German has the extraordinary ability to ignite imaginations and spark the flames of creativity.

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German Sanchez

Co-Founder & Chief investment officer 
at  Blue Sapphire Capital.

German Sanchez is a co-founder of Blue Sapphire Capital and has spent over two decade as entrepreneur and experienced principal investor, specializing in cross-border opportunities.
German has transacted across 3 continents in 4+ countries within many industries  including Hospitality, Real Estate Commercial & Residential, Construction, Banking, Cryptocurrency and many more.
German as a former banker has collaborated with professional investors, entrepreneurs and government representatives to evaluate and invest in unique opportunities spanning the Natural Resource, Manufacturing, Public health departments , Technology and Consumer industries. 
Mr. Sanchez was born in Dominican Republic, and move to Spain at 14 years old, always hungry for challenges and successes, he formed his first company at 19 years old in Cordoba, Spain at age 28 after 3 successful business exit, moved to the USA, where he made a career in the financial industry and after participating in private investment funds and several M&A, Co-founded 
Blue Sapphire Capital.

One Focus, Three Strategies

Unleashing Success, Amplifying Growth, and Embracing Innovation!

German Sanchez,  is a force to be reckoned with in the world of finance and business. With unwavering dedication and a razor-sharp focus, he has established himself as a visionary leader in venture capital, private placement, and merger & acquisition.

Financial Analyst

Private Placement

Stock Market Quotes

Venture Capital

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Business Resources

German Sanchez collaborates with a diverse range of professionals, including entrepreneurs, startups, established businesses, investors, and industry leaders. His expertise and strategic approach make him a valuable partner for those seeking guidance in venture capital, private placement, and merger & acquisition activities. German's collaborative nature allows him to work effectively with teams and individuals who share his passion for innovation, growth, and achieving exceptional results.

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Private Placement

Connecting Investors and Businesses

German Sanchez is a master at private placement, specializing in connecting investors with businesses in need of capital. With his vast network and deep understanding of market dynamics, he identifies promising investment opportunities and facilitates strategic partnerships. Through meticulous matchmaking and comprehensive due diligence, German ensures that investors find the right opportunities to maximize their returns, while businesses gain access to the funding they require to fuel growth and achieve their goals. German's expertise in private placement makes him a trusted partner for both investors and businesses, fostering valuable connections that drive mutual success.

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Venture Capital

Vision & Drive

German Sanchez, armed with vision and an unwavering drive for growth, is a powerhouse in the world of venture capital. With a keen eye for untapped potential, he seeks out innovative startups and transformative technologies poised for success. Through strategic investments and hands-on guidance, German propels these ventures towards exponential growth and market dominance. His unique ability to combine strategic vision with relentless determination sets him apart as a true force in the realm of venture capital, driving forward the next generation of groundbreaking companies.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Efficiency &  Collaboration

In the realm of mergers and acquisitions, German Sanchez is a master of efficiency and collaboration. With his sharp business acumen and strategic mindset, he navigates complex transactions to unlock synergies and drive operational excellence. German recognizes that successful M&A deals require not only financial considerations but also a deep understanding of cultural alignment and collaboration between organizations. By fostering effective communication and collaboration, he ensures seamless integration and maximizes the value of each merger or acquisition. German's expertise in efficiency and collaboration sets the stage for transformative M&A deals that propel businesses to new heights of success.

Personal life

"Life is a wonderful adventure"

For German Sanchez, life is a magnificent adventure filled with endless possibilities. Beyond his professional pursuits, he embraces a vibrant personal life that is equally captivating. Whether exploring new horizons, immersing himself in diverse cultures, or pursuing thrilling hobbies, German approaches each day with a zest for living. With a curious spirit and an open mind, he embraces life's experiences, cherishing moments of joy, and creating lasting memories. German's belief in the beauty of life as an adventure resonates through his every endeavor, inspiring those around him to embrace the wonder.


In a heartwarming chapter of his personal life, German Sanchez found love and companionship in Heather Sanchez. Their enchanting journey began in southern Spain, where they first met and embarked on a passionate romance. Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship spanning continents, their commitment and devotion never wavered.
After four years of nurturing their connection across the miles, German and Heather fulfilled their dreams by getting married and embracing a life together. Their union symbolized not only their love but also the triumph of perseverance and dedication.
Now, German and Heather embark on a shared adventure, creating a home filled with love, understanding, and cherished moments. Their story serves as a testament to the power of love and the incredible lengths one can go to pursue happiness and build a life together.

Mr. & Mrs. Sanchez

Certifications & Credentials

Social Media

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